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Best Apps for Transferring Money

Best Apps for Transferring Money

In this article, I have quickly reviewed some of the most popular and easily accessible money-sending apps available to date. These are currently some of the best apps for transferring money because they are popular, they are widely trusted, and they are managed by large brand-named companies.

iOS, Android, Windows Phone, Blackberry

facebook logo
Facebook allows you to send money over to your friends and family; if they have the Facebook Messenger app. You may use the app with an Android, iOS, Blackberry and even your Windows phone/computer. The Facebook app is free to use, and it will take 1-3 days for the other person to receive the money you sent to him/her. The app will only allow you to make the transactions using your Debit card. In addition, there are no limits on how much you are able to send, and as of yet, you are not able to maintain a balance on the app.

iOS, Android

Venmo logo
Venmo is fantastic for transferring money. It is free to use, which also so means transfers are free for all major debit card holders. The limits for the Venmo app are $299.99 weekly for unverified accounts, and $2,999.99 weekly for verified accounts. You will only need to pay 3% with any credit cards/ non debit cards that you use to send the money. Once you transfer the money, it will take between 1-2 days for it to arrive in the other person’s account. You can initiate payments on the move, and you can use the app on your Android mobile phone or your iOS Smartphone. Just like Facebook, you are able to see your friends’ transactions, receive news feeds, and yet unlike Facebook, you may maintain a balance on the app.

Square Cash

square cashSquare Cash is free for personal use, such as when you are sending money to your friends. But, you have to pay 2.75% for to send money to businesses. It works instantly—allowing you to send money once the account has been activated. The only issue is that your first transactions will normally take 1-2 days. Since your account is new, it takes longer for the other person to receive the money in his or her account. After a while, your transfers occur in seconds. Square Cash only supports debit cards, it won’t allow you to keep a balance on your app. You may use Square Cash on your iOS Smartphone and Android. The limits for unverified accounts with Square Cash are $250 weekly, and for verified accounts it is $2,500 weekly.

iOS, Android

A dwolla instant infographic
A Dwolla account supports bank transfers only, you can send money to anyone with a phone number, Dwolla ID or email address. You are able to see your balance on the app, and it will only take 3-4 days for the transaction to be complete. It has free deposits and transfers for personal uses. The most you are able to send is another person is $5,000 per transaction a month. The app works on Android phones and iOS Smartphones. The costs for sending money to businesses and internationally varies. Dwolla has an added feature called MassPay, which will allow you to make recurring payments and send thousands to many different people all at once.

iOS, Android

paypal logo
PayPal is one of the most popular apps to send money to friends, family or businesses. You can have PayPal on your Windows phone/computer, iOS Smartphone and Android. It is very easy and simple to use. It takes up to 3-4 days for the other person to get the money you have sent at first, but verified users may send and receive instantly. PayPal allows international transactions, and the app interface allows you to see the balance on your account including all the transactions you have ever made with just a click of a button. When sending money, the most you can send is $10,000 at a time with a verified account. You are able to send money to 190 countries by simply using a mobile number or email address.

Google Wallet
iOS, Android

Google Wallet logo
Google Wallet has a fee for transfers of 2.9% if your using your debit card. It works on iOS Smartphones and works for Android phones. It takes up to 3 to 10 days for bank transfers to go though. The most you can send is $50,000 per 5-day period, and $10,000 per transaction. You are able to see the balance of the account on the app. With Google Wallet, you can get a Google card to pay in stores, almost as if you are using a credit card, except that you are using your balance on your Google Wallet. If you have an existing Google account, you will be able to send and receive money quickly; if not, you will need to set an account up. With Google Wallet, you are able to send money using your Gmail email account by linking your debit card or bank account to your Google Wallet. Using Google Wallet, you may use an ATM to withdraw money, and you may make purchases by using the card you are given.

Bank of America
iOS, Android

Bank of America
Bank of America has a mobile banking app, setting up the app is uncomplicated. You may set it up with an ID and Passcode, and it even has a fingerprint sign in. You can set your phone or computer to send you alerts. For example, when your deals are ending soon, unusual account activity, and deal changes. The Bank of America includes Zelle Sm2, and you can use the app to get cash back deals with the BankAmeriDeals if you are using your debit or credit card. With Bank of America, you are able to see the balance, plus you can use the app with a BlackBerry, Kindle, Windows 10 and Apple iPhone. You can send money to other accounts, not just Bank of America, you can set your own spending limit on the app, and transfers are quick. If you are a new customer, it takes 2-3 days for the other person to receive the money but normally it takes seconds for them to get the money.

Xoom Money Transfer
iOS, Android

xoom logo
Xoom Money Transfer is a free mobile app that is secure, safe, and easy to use. You may send money to your family and friends wherever they live around the U.S. as long as they have an email address or create a Xoom Money Transfer account. There is a quick store feature, which will make sending money to your existing recipients faster. With Xoom Money Transfer, you may keep a watchful eye on your latests transaction with the feature called Track Transaction. When researching fees and exchanges, you may figure out the maths easily with their Exchange Rate Calculator. Xoom Money Transfer will send you message updates to your phone by text or by email. You may access your account 24/7 and if you require help they have a live customer support team who speak English, Filipino and Spanish.

Western Union
iOS, Android

western Union logo
Western Union is a fast and simple money-sending service. You may send money to locations worldwide and not just for the United States, plus you are able to track when a transfer arrives with the other person. You can access the site using an online account, or phone using the number they provide. If you don’t feel like sending money with the Western Union app, that then you may send money in person using one of their branch locations. When using the Western Union app on your iOS Smartphone or Android, you may be notified by email when your payment has been delivered. You can pay your bills to businesses, and send money to friends, family and even other banks. The most you can send a day is $5000, and the rates and fees do vary depending on the location where you are sending the money. It is free to download the app and is very easy and simple to use.

Snapcash via Snapchat
iOS, Android

snapcash logo
Snapcash via Snapchat is a new way to send money to your friends and family, it is free, and all you have to do to set it up is to add your debit card details to Snapcash. You do need to be 18 or over to sign up and do this. Once set up, you need to go onto Snapchat text-chat and type “$” and the amount you want to send to your friend. Snapchat then will automatically change the send button to a green Snapcash button. If your friend does not log into Snapchat within 24 hours the payment will be refunded to you. The app has a privacy and security policy which has been updated and improved to make your experience better. Now, you will never have to worry about having to split the bill using cash money because you can send the funds required to your friend and the bill may be be paid the Snapcash app on an iOS or Android phone.

Chase QuickPay

Chase QuickPay logo
Chase QuickPay is a money-sending app that will allow you to send money to credit and debit cards. You can now bank 24/7 with your Android phone, and it has a fingerprint scanner that makes signing in easy while helping to keep your money protected. You may change the language settings to Spanish if English is not your first language. With the Chase QuickPay app, you can monitor your transaction history and balances, and send money to other Chase QuickPay accounts. You will need to give Chase QuickPay permission to allow them to see your contacts to send money via Chase QuickPay. When signing up with Chase there is no maintenance charge but mobile rates and data charges may apply.

TransferWise Money Transfer
Apple iPhone

transferwise logo
The TransferWise Money Transfer app allows you to see all previous money that has been sent, the app is free to use, but at the moment it is only able to be used with Apple iPhone. You can set up a repeat transfers if you need to pay monthly bills. You can use touch ID and you can connect the TransferWise Money Transfer app with your debit and credit card. TransferWise Money Transfer allows you to send money to 50+ countries, and you will save around 5% compared to PayPal and other banks. You may manage up to 27 currency balances, and you get the market rate when you exchange your money.

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