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16 04, 2017
  • transferwise review

Transferwise Review: The Best Easiest Way to Transfer Money Abroad

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There are a few services that have revolutionized the financial industry. Credit cards, many years ago, were one. Online banking was another. Paypal, back when it first came out, again another transformative service. And Transferwise is yet another. Founded in 2011, Transferwise has gone on to start a money transfer revolution and, in the process,

24 03, 2017
  • AccountNow Gold Prepaid Debit Card Review

AccountNow Gold Prepaid Debit Card Review

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While conducting our AccountNow Gold Prepaid debit card review, we discovered that the account is administered by Green Dot. The Green Dot prepaid card isn’t of a very high quality, so our expectations were rather low. As is usually the case, our expectations were right on the money. The AccountNow Gold prepaid debit card has

24 03, 2017
  • banks that don't use chexsystems

10 Banks That Do Not Use ChexSystems (2017 Edition)

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ChexSystems, a company you've probably never heard about until you find your name in it. Then a nightmare begins where you are ousted from the banking system. Existing bank accounts are suddenly closed by your bank. Attempts at opening a new bank account at various national and local banks result in flat out rejections. Welcome

22 03, 2017
  • Kaiku Visa Prepaid Debit Card Review

Kaiku Visa Prepaid Debit Card Review

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You are about to read something that is somewhat of a rarity on echeck.org. You are about to read a review about a prepaid card that doesn’t suck. Our website is littered with reviews of horrible prepaid cards that rip people off, trick people, and take advantage of people. The Kaiku Visa Prepaid Debit Card

17 03, 2017

GS Bank Review – A Bank For Savers And Low-Risk Investors

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Goldman Sachs will allow private citizens to bank with it instead of just people on Wall Street. Their online bank is called the GS Bank and it is online-only, which means you cannot walk into a bank to talk about your account. We were not too keen on writing a GS Bank review because they

16 03, 2017
  • Capital One Review cover image

Capital One Review – Capital One 360 Banking Services Review

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Capital One has a great many financial services. Our Capital One review focuses on their Capital One 360 banking services. Just like any other bank, Capital One 360 allows you to open a checking account, set up a savings account and invest in CDs (Certificates of Deposit). While conducting our Capital One review, we were