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23 01, 2017
  • Best Ways to Wire Money Internationally cover image

Best Ways to Wire Money Internationally

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A wire transfer is also called a bank transfer and a credit transfer. Funds are directed electronically from one person to another, one person to another entity, or from one entity to another. Most commonly, they involve the transfer of money from one bank to another, but you may also make a cash transfer at

18 12, 2016

Simple Bank Review: The Bank That Helps You Budget

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Simple Bank is also known as, Simple, but finding the bank by typing “Simple” into Google is tough. Simple Bank is a digital checking account that some like to call an online bank. They call it an online bank because they do not have branches that you can visit; you have to undertake all of

15 11, 2016
  • why have multiple savings accounts

Why You Should You Have Multiple Savings Accounts

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Diligent planning, budgeting, investing, saving and setting up contingency plans will help you stay out of debt and will help you build wealth, so with that in mind, why set up several savings accounts? In this article, you will find reasons to set up multiple accounts, reasons why you shouldn’t, and a whole slew of

20 10, 2016
  • lost atm card abroad

What to Do If You Lose Your Debit Card Abroad (and how to prevent it)

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It is irresponsible to go abroad without proper planning. The world is a smaller place, and there are plenty of places where you can go and be safe and secure as you explore, but to go and hope for the best is not good enough. You need a plan for things such as medical care,