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Author: Ash The Great

The Dawn of SmartCards: What You Need To Know about Plastc, Coin 2, and Swyp

Digital wallets, digital bankcards, digital credit cards and digital loyalty cards are becoming more and more popular. These digital cards are called SmartCards, and the driving force behind SmartCards is the removal of cards from your wallet. Instead of having a wallet full of cards, you have a digital account, and if you have a SmartCard, then you may take one card out with you and access all your card accounts with it. The Pros And Cons Of Digital Wallets And SmartCards The biggest benefit of digital wallets and SmartCards is that you may access your cards with your...

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Is Plastc The Best Credit Card? Why This Electronic Smart Card Rules

Believe it or not, but Plastc is not a credit card. So, why do so many reviewers and online commenters suggest that it is? It is because you may use it like a credit card, but it is actually a digital wallet with a real-life payment implement. You do not need to apply for credit to get a Plastc card, you do not need to have a good credit rating, and no financial service needs to insure your card use. The Plastc Smart Card is a tool that allows you to load your credit cards, bankcards and loyalty cards...

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Coin 2.0 SmartCard And Digital Wallet Review

Update 2016 – No further Coin 2.0 SmartCards will be produced. The product was very successful, but it is yet unclear if the original company will create Coin 3.0, or if the project will be sold to another compnay. The story seems to change every month, though we suspect that the original company is holding off to see how well Plastc does before they more money is invested into Coin 3.0. The Coin 2.0 SmartCard is a fairly unique device. There are plenty of cards that claim to be Smart Cards, but the Coin 2.0 SmartCard exists as one...

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Coin 2 vs Plastc vs Swyp Smart Cards – Which Is The Best?

There are numerous types of technology that call themselves a Smart Card, but the term is slowly being normalized so that people think of Coin, Plastc or Swyp cards when they think Smart Cards. A Smart Card is, as per its modern definition/meaning, is a card filled with technology that acts as a digital wallet for your bankcards, credit cards and store/loyalty cards. Imagine you sanded off the embossed numbers and letters on your credit card, and you pressed together three of them, that is how thick a Smart Card by Coin, Plastc and Swyp is. A Smart Card...

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Swyp SmartCard And Digital Wallet Review

The Swyp is a SmartCard that will one day take the place of your credit, bank and loyalty cards. You may be accustom to the idea of a digital wallet that holds your bank and credit cards for later use, well the Swyp SmartCard acts a physical card for your digital wallet. Some people call a SmartCard a digital credit card, but it isn’t. There is no issuing company, and no credit rating. The SmartCard may become your credit card with the click of a button. You may your credit cards, bankcards and loyalty cards onto the SmartCard, and...

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