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Author: Ash The Great

Dwolla Review – A Fee Free Credit Card Payment Mechanism

Dwolla was created to try to change the electronic payments industry. In 2008, the company was established with the aim of avoiding credit card interchange fees. You sometimes have to pay interchange fees when you buy things on the Internet, or when you swipe your credit card. Dwolla set out to provide a low cost payment service that businesses may use so that they need not charge an interchange fee. Businesses may also set up their payment system so that private customers can use their credit cards without having to pay interchange fees. Similar To PayPal And Yet Slightly...

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Credible Student Loan Marketplace Review – A Comparison Site For Student Loan Companies

Credible is a company that was established in 2012 and was built for students. In simple terms, it is a little like a comparison website. You enter your details, and it presents you with a number of student loan options. A Credible student loan doesn’t mean you get a loan directly from Credible. The company doesn’t lend you money; it puts you in touch with lenders that allow you to lower your student loan interest rates by refinancing your loans. Credible is a student loan comparison company and a student loan refinancing company. It offers a multi-lender marketplace, which...

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ReadyForZero Review – Are They An Evil Money Grubbing Company?

The ReadyForZero financial company is a debt consolidation company. Their aim is to sell you loans, but their marketing message is that they are trying to help you get rid of your debt. Their marketing message is all about helping you, and yet all of their proposed “solutions” involve using their loan services in some way. They say they want to help, but what they actually do is sell you loans. On the other hand, if they were to market their true intention with slogans such as “Get out of debt by getting into debt with us,” they may...

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Top 5 Best Food Subscription Services – The Best Food Delivery Services

Here are five of the best food subscription services you may access in the US. These are national companies that cover most of the US. There are parts of the country that some of the food delivery services cannot reach, so do not get your hopes up before checking their delivery options. All five of the companies have their fair share of pros and cons to the point where it is difficult to decide which is the best, which is why this article allows you to judge for yourself. The positive points and negative points for each company have...

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