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Author: Ash The Great

14 Employers That Will help You Repay Your Student Loans

Paying off your student loans may not be a priority for you. After all, it is a long-term loan that doesn’t have a massive effect on your monthly income. Yet, people who are able to pay off their student loans quicker are also able to start building wealth sooner. Any form of passive help paying your student loans is welcome, and a convenient helper is your employer. Here are fourteen companies that will pay for your student loans while you work for them. Why Would Employers Want You To Repay Your Student Loans? The best reason why companies help...

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Can You Make Money With Lyft Or Uber? Make Honest And Ethical Money

Lyft and Uber are social lift giving services, which some call peer-to-peer lift services, and others call ride sharing or ridesharing companies. Instead of taking public transport or a taxi, you check another person’s schedule and take a lift with him or her. You pay them a rate as determined by the website, and they either meet you in a location or pick you up from where you live (depending upon what you prefer). If you would like a cheaper and pleasant ride, then hire an Uber or Lyft driver. If you would like to make some extra money...

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How To Start Paying Medical Bills You Can’t Afford

Let us start with a disclaimer. We at are a mixture of financial experts, business owners, entrepreneurs, ex bankers, a lawyer, editors, proofreaders, business leaders, wealth managers and a boss who rules us like a king. Our combined knowledge can tell you anything you wish to know about credit, debt, taxes, mortgages, and much more. Yet, none of us are experts in the field of medical bills or the medical industry/sector. The information in this article is based on a mixture of my and the people at eCheck’s combined experience, along with several days of solid research. As...

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How To Get A Student Loan Without A Credit Check

Having no credit history is almost as bad as having a poor credit history (almost). At least if you have a poor credit rating, then creditors have an idea of just how unreliable you are, but if you have no credit rating, they know nothing about you. You could be the world’s biggest flake and debt scammer. In most cases, students have no credit history, so why bother running a credit check on them when they apply for a student loan? If you are overly worried about your lack of a credit history, then do not worry so much....

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