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Author: Ash The Great

Ten Hot Tips For Creating The Best Domain Name

Here are ten tips that will help you pick the most suitable and best domain name for your website. This article assumes that you the user are going to want to promote your website in some way, which is why some of the tips are built around gaining customer support and getting more traffic. As you probably know, the domain name is the primary URL location, or index location for your website. For example, our domain name is: and this page’s URL is The domain name is also commonly referred to as the homepage. The list is...

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Desirable Personality Traits When Starting A New Business

In this article, it explains how having certain personality traits will make starting and running a new business easier. This article recommends that the reader tries to nurture and grow some of these personality traits in themselves. People who are successful in business are often blessed with certain personality traits. Here are some of the more common ones, so as a new business starter, you should try to grow a few of these personality traits. They will help you out a lot in the long run. Discipline Is A Powerful Tool You will need a massive amount of discipline...

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Save Money By Being More Energy Efficient In The Office

This article explains who to be a little more energy efficient in the office. The tips include things such as buying one-cup kettles, and explains how having employees follow the office rules on energy efficiency will save the office money that would have been otherwise wasted. Keeping An Eye On The Bottom Line All good businesses are adept at keeping a close watch on their expenses. This article gives a few tips on how to lower expenses when powering your office. The business office is often very energy inefficient because the office managers have more to worry about than...

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How To Build An Online Career

What is the point of this article? It is to open your mind up a little about just what sort of online career you may undertake on the Internet. Usually, when you Google “Online Careers,” you only see things such as selling on eBay, or filling in surveys, but there are quite a few online options for you to choose from. Peruse this article and allow it to open your mind a little to the types of online career you may undertake. You Can Have An Online Career – It Is Possible! The worldwide adoption of the Internet as...

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How To Make Your Gas Money Stretch Further

Gas prices in most countries are now prohibitively high. Yet, we all rely on cars so much that we are forced to pay whatever prices we are given. It seems to be one of the few market sectors where increased competition does not mean lower prices. Sure, when the Arabian countries keep their prices the same, then Russia makes less profit, but have you ever heard the words “Cheap Gas” and honestly believed it? Even when market forces and competition affect the price of gas, the benefit to us is very small. The only way to make a saving...

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