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Author: Ash The Great

Is Life Insurance Worth It? What Should I Do And Why?

If you are considering buying life insurance, then you should have a quick read of this article. It holds snippets of information that will help you as you search for a good life insurance quote. This article is ideal for people who have never bought life insurance before. It gives a few details that apply to most types of life insurance. It also reminds you of things to consider when buying life insurance, such as insuring the primary income earner and the stay-at-home parent on the same policy. Unless you are immortal like Keanu Reeves, then you should at...

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10 Apps That Will Improve Your Net Worth

Nobody is going to hand you money for nothing unless you are a young and beautiful woman walking around a retirement home for very rich and competitive old men. There is no such thing as an app that is going to give you money or an app that is going to improve your net worth. We feature apps that will help you improve your net worth if you are willing to use them as tools or use them to learn. There are ten apps listed below that range from money-transfer apps, to saving apps, to budgeting apps, to investing...

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How to Declare Bankruptcy In The USA

In this article you will find out how to file for bankruptcy. You start by filing a petition with the bankruptcy court, and your bankruptcy case begins. If you want to jump right to it without reading this article, then start with electronic filing here. If you would like to learn a little more before filing your petition…then read on. There is a US bankruptcy code that is followed by the federal courts when they deal with your case/petition. They deal with your bankruptcy, and in many cases, you eventually find yourself in a position where you may now...

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Credit Cards Vs. Personal Loans – Which Is The Better Option

Credit card and personal loan articles are common on this website because most people have one or both in their lifetime. We have approached this issue from a number of different angles, so this time we thought we would approach it from a pros and cons stance. This article examines credit cards vs. personal loans and  details the upsides and downsides to having a credit card and a personal loan, and we examine each in the context of which it is better to have. There are four Big Mistakes that some people make that I have highlighted in this article....

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