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Author: Ash The Great

Where to Exchange Currency Without Paying Huge Fees For Your Currency Exchange

Things change as time goes on, but at the moment, in the year 2017, the best companies for a currency exchange are OFX, Transferwise, HiFX, FC Exchange and CurrencyFair. If you want to avoid paying higher exchange fees, then these are the companies to go to. There are also things you should avoid doing in order to stop paying more for your currency exchange. Why Use OFX? Their fees are low and they move a lot of money through the year, which means during certain weeks and months they are able to offer unbeatable rates. Whether you get a...

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A Guide To Declaring Chapter 11 Bankruptcy

Individuals may seek debt relief by filing a petition for chapter 11 bankruptcy. People in business may also file for chapter 11 bankruptcy. In addition, corporations and partnerships may also file for chapter 11. Typically, chapter 11 bankruptcy is used by businesses to reorganize their debt, so that they may repay their creditors with a court-ordered plan that has more favorable repayment terms. Most people refer to a chapter 11 bankruptcy as a reorganization bankruptcy. A business, partnership, corporation or individual has to file a petition with his/her/their local bankruptcy court. Once the petition is filed, be it per...

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Which Type Of Bankruptcy Should You File?

There are quite a few types of bankruptcy to choose from. In the USA, they are referred to as chapters. The name comes from the book of bankruptcy rules that people have to follow if they wish to go bankrupt. The different chapters apply to different people, businesses and entities, so here is a run down of each so that you may pick the one that best suits your circumstances and situation. Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Voluntary Debt Reorganization For Individuals You have to be self employed, a wage earner, or a sole trader/proprietor in order to file for chapter...

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