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Author: Ash The Great

Best Prepaid Debit Cards Of 2017

We have reviewed 43 of prepaid debit cards and have come up with a short list of the very best prepaid debit cards in America. There where really only two that stood out among the rest. They each suit two very different purposes. One is suitable for people who do not have a bank account and need a prepaid card. The other card is for people who have a bank account and are looking for a prepaid card out of choice rather than necessity. Following those is a short list of runners up who were close to taking the...

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Credit Sesame Review – Does This Fremium Charge A Secret Premium?

The Credit Sesame credit reporting company is a freemium web-based tool and Smartphone app. It is not a credit scoring company in the same way that Equifax or Experian are. It is a credit-reporting tool that checks what other companies are saying about your credit rating, it doesn’t come up with your credit rating for you. Credit Sesame is very similar to Noddle and Credit Karma in that it gives you a free credit report and credit score that it pulls from credit scoring companies such as Equifax, Experian, Trans Union, etc. You may sign up without having to...

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Best Store Credit Cards: 2017 Edition

Compiling this list and reviewing each card took weeks and it was a nightmare. Therefore, I implore any readers to share this page with your social media profiles as some sort of reward for my nightmarish weeks researching this list. Here is a full and comprehensive list of the best store credit cards in the USA. Sign Up Bonuses Do Not Count I have not judged any of the cards based on their sign up bonuses because they are a middle finger to loyal customers. It stinks that some companies offer big first-time bonuses for new customers when...

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Credit Unions vs Banks: Which is Better for You?

According to the National Credit Union Administration, there are over 6000 credit unions in the USA. There are hundreds of banks with tens of thousands of branches across the USA. In this article, you are given a series of arguments for and against banks and credit unions. It is then up to you to pick which one you want to choose. Credit Unions Find It Easier To Provide Better Customer Service A credit union is owned by its members because it is a cooperative. Credit unions are supposed to provide affordable financial services to its members, and if it...

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