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Author: Ash The Great

Should I Buy A Gift Card Or Prepaid Card? Gift Cards Or Prepaid Cards

The pros and cons of sending or giving gift cards, prepaid cards and money are all covered in this article. The subject is approached from the perspective of a gift-giver deciding whether to send a prepaid card or a gift card. Primarily, this article deals with gift cards and prepaid cards. This article only considers the idea of sending money as more of an afterthought. Since prepaid cards are very similar to checking account debit cards, I have also included prepaid phone cards in order to broaden the scope of our prepaid cards discussion. What Are Prepaid Cards And...

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8 Silly Mistakes to Avoid When Sending Money Online

Ever Make Mistakes Sending Money Online? Welcome to the club! Here Are 8 Silly Money Mistakes People Make When Sending Money Online8  Sending money online is easier than ever these days, especially when you consider the availability of money transfer services and third-party wallet accounts. An increase in the use of transfer companies has led to people making common mistakes when sending money online, so here we cover a few of the most common mistakes and offer possible solutions so that you do not repeat your mistakes. What Do I Mean By Third-Party And Transfer Accounts When referring to...

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Best Ways to Wire Money Internationally

A wire transfer is also called a bank transfer and a credit transfer. Funds are directed electronically from one person to another, one person to another entity, or from one entity to another. Most commonly, they involve the transfer of money from one bank to another, but you may also make a cash transfer at a cash office. Note, if you want to skip this article, we feel Transferwise is the best (and cheapest) way to wire money internationally for most people. There are exceptions in some specific cases that might be cheaper, faster, or better, but for 90%...

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Safe Deposit Boxes: What You Need To Know

What are safe deposit boxes, how safe are they, how do you use a safe deposit box, and what you shouldn’t do with your safe deposit box. All of those questions and more are answered right here. What Are Safe Deposit Boxes? A safe deposit box is a safe within a larger safe; the larger safe being in the bank‘s vault. Safety deposit boxes that you can rent are typically found in banks, but they may also be found in post offices and larger institutions. Safety deposit boxes are actually one of the most practical elements within a bank...

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