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Author: Ash The Great

What Are Peer-to-Peer Payments? PayPal, Venmo, Square Cash And Others

Want to send money to your friends, to strangers, to president Trump? If you do, then you should probably use a peer-to-peer payment company. You can use your bank to transfer the money, and you can use a transfer company if you are sending money abroad, but if you are sending money to people in your own country, then it is cheaper, easier and faster to use a peer-to-peer payments company. What Are Peer-To-Peer Payments? It is the process or action of sending money from your account to another person’s account. It is not the same as paying a...

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Plastc Smartcard Review – A Tale of Bankruptcy and Broken Promises

  Update  April 20, 2017: Plastc has declared bankruptcy and lost 9 million in pre-order funding. None of the 80,000 backers have or will recieve any plastc (including the author of this page). If you did pre-order the card, try disputing your purchase on visa. It’s our opinion that the CEO, Ryan Marquis has committed fraud on a grand scale. I’ve left our review up for historical sake…   Plastc is no more! But if you stil want to read our old review…continue. The Plastc SmartCard acts as a bankcard and a digital wallet in one package. It is a device...

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