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Author: Ash The Great

How To Get A Student Loan Without A Credit Check

Having no credit history is almost as bad as having a poor credit history (almost). At least if you have a poor credit rating, then creditors have an idea of just how unreliable you are, but if you have no credit rating, they know nothing about you. You could be the world’s biggest flake and debt scammer. In most cases, students have no credit history, so why bother running a credit check on them when they apply for a student loan? If you are overly worried about your lack of a credit history, then do not worry so much....

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Upstart Review – P2P Loans For College Educated People With Poor Credit

Upstart was only launched in May 2014, and yet it has since grown to give out over $500 million in Upstart loans. The company has seen double digit growth on a month-over-month basis. They have done it by ignoring FICO scores (credit ratings) and use other indicators of whether a person will pay back their loans. The company operates differently by taking a risk on each applicant by mostly ignoring your FICO credit rating and using other indicators. Some people say that Upstart is fairer to unlucky people who have had trouble with their FICO score in the past....

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Why You Should Never Withdraw From Your 401k To Pay Off Creditors

You may be in a world of debt that you simply cannot get out of, but do not believe what your creditors and other people say, the only entity that is able to seize money from your 401k is the IRS. You may be in a dark hole full of debt, but your creditors are not able to dip into your 401k or seize it in any way, and you shouldn’t use the money to pay them off either. Your 401k is your safety net and your fluffy pillow. It is the thing that is going to pull you...

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How Much Should You Spend On An Engagement Ring?

If you are buying an engagement ring, then you have a great many options regarding how much you spend and how you buy the ring. This article is loaded with alternative after alternative for how much you should spend. It also has some solid advice on how to shop for your ring and how to get the most for your money. One Months Wage On The Engagement Ring Some say it was two months wages, and others say three months, but for the sake or argument, let’s say one month. A rough and traditional idea is that you add...

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