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A SWIFT code is used for identifying banks and accounts in other countries when the SWIFT international network is being used to transfer money. The IBAN code is also a code used to identify banks and bank accounts in other countries. It is not really a case of SWIFT vs IBAN; it is more a case of asking which code you will need when you send money abroad. IF you are sending money to the US then note that presently the US does not use IBAN, but rather SWIFT. So IBAN, at present, means NON-US Banks When you are...

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What Is A Bank Transfer (and a short guide to the different types of bank transfers)

The term “Bank Transfer” is somewhat of an umbrella term that is used to describe a number of different things, so we cover them all in this article. Despite the fact we are dealing with “Bank” transfers in this article, you will find that most of what is in this article is also true for many online banks and credit unions. A bank transfer is the process or action of moving money out of your account. A bank transfer may occur in another account where money is paid into your account. When people talk about bank transfers, they are...

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What is IBAN?

What is IBAN? IBAN stands for International Bank Account Number. It is the sort of thing you will need if you are dealing with money transfers, payments and receipts from countries such as Hungary, Liechtenstein, Norway, the United Kingdom, Switzerland and European countries. What Is IBAN And Why Does It Have My Account Number In It? An IBAN number gives the account number of the person/company in question, and it gives a country code too. When foreigners wish to identify your account in your country, and visa versa, an IBAN code makes it much easier to find you and...

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What is Direct Deposit?

What is direct deposit? You may have heard of direct debit, it is a form of ACH transfer where another account holder is able to request money from your account. Direct debits are common with utility companies, lending companies and so forth. Direct deposit is like the reverse of a direct debit. Instead of another account being able to request money from your account, the other account is able to pay money into your account. If a government department or employer sets up a direct deposit, then it is able to routinely pay money into your account with less...

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