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Author: Ash The Great

What Is the Best Cryptocurrency? Which Is The Best Crypto Currency For You?

When you consider the fact that most cryptocurrencies have surged in price, one has to wonder which the best one is and which is the next big failure? Is the cryptocurrency industry and maybe even the idea of cryptocurrency going to come crashing down? Current levels of investment in cryptocurrency suggest that it will not come crashing down, but have we created a cryptocurrency bubble, and what happens when cryptocurrencies start falling as quickly as they are rising? Will government regulation kill off cryptocurrency, and which are we to trust? I cannot tell you what the best cryptocurrency is,...

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How to Convert Bitcoin to Cash

Now that you have your bitcoin nestled in your online wallet, you may be wondering how to convert your bitcoin into cash. There are a few ways you may try. You may be better off turning your bitcoin cryptocurrency into dollars that you place in your bank account without turning it into cash, but the choice is yours. Here is how you may convert bitcoin to cash in your hand. How to Convert Bitcoin to Cash [o] You may sell your bitcoin to somebody who lives near you [o] Sell your bitcoin to a local broker or exchange company...

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What Is Bitcoin? An Ultra Simple Explanation Of Bitcoin

This article exists to help you understand what Bitcoin is. Every single website I look at, even the official Bitcoin websites and Wikipedia are unable to explain what Bitcoin is to my satisfaction. All of the articles I have read seem to assume that the reader knows the difference between Bitcoin and a hole in the wall. This article assumes you know nothing at all about Bitcoin. In this article, I explore what Bitcoin is. I get under its skin and root around a little. So, what is Bitcoin? Is Bitcoin Another Type Of Currency? If I visit a...

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Biggest Life Insurance Companies

When we talk about big, we mean big…the life insurance companies reviewed in this article are frighteningly big. They have billions upon billions in assets and they have enough quarterly net profit to build a spaceship to Mars to transport old people over there for a float around the red planet. These are massive companies that serve people in the USA, that have millions of customers, and that pay out millions in life insurance pay outs every month. Here is our review of the biggest life insurance companies. Life Insurance Scores And What They Mean When you read articles...

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How to Send Money to Someone Quickly, Easily and Cheaply

There are a number of ways to send money to someone, but which is the quickest, easiest and cheapest? I have five possible solutions to your money transfer problem. I have ranked each method based on things such as how fast, easy and cheap each one is. Each category has its own explanation. Use these rankings to figure out how you should send money to someone. Click the list below if you want to jump right down to the one that most appeals to you–otherwise, read on and enjoy. Send From PayPal Account To PayPal Account Western Union Is...

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