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Author: Ash The Great

Credit Cards Vs. Personal Loans – Which Is The Better Option

Credit card and personal loan articles are common on this website because most people have one or both in their lifetime. We have approached this issue from a number of different angles, so this time we thought we would approach it from a pros and cons stance. This article examines credit cards vs. personal loans and  details the upsides and downsides to having a credit card and a personal loan, and we examine each in the context of which it is better to have. There are four Big Mistakes that some people make that I have highlighted in this article....

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Nine Reasons To Start A Blog – Promote, Grow And Optimize

This article gives nine reasons why a person may want to start a blog. It details nine things that are not immediately obvious as benefits that bloggers may enjoy. The article starts out by saying that most people blog as a hobby, and then proceeds on to explain nine ways it may be used as more of a hobby activity. There are a few reasons why you may wish to start a blog, with one of the most common being that it is a hobby activity. There are not many benefits to be had from blogging, but below are...

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Ten Hot Tips For Creating The Best Domain Name

Here are ten tips that will help you pick the most suitable and best domain name for your website. This article assumes that you the user are going to want to promote your website in some way, which is why some of the tips are built around gaining customer support and getting more traffic. As you probably know, the domain name is the primary URL location, or index location for your website. For example, our domain name is: and this page’s URL is The domain name is also commonly referred to as the homepage. The list is...

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