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Author: Ash The Great

The Pros And Cons Of Uber – Are They Better Than Taxis?

We offer the pros and cons of Uber and ask if they are better than taxis, but my cowardly response is “Yes” and “No.” I both like and hate taxis, just as I like and hate Uber drivers. Most of the pros and cons I have chosen apply to Lyft as well, but I thought we would pick on Uber this week. Uber Waiting Times Are Lower Than With Taxis I know this point is situational, but the fact remains there are times when an Uber is going to turn up before a taxi does. A taxi may turn...

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The Pros And Cons Of HelloFresh – Plus Notes On Their Vegetarian Meals

Here I offer you the pros and cons of HelloFresh, and I also offer a few thoughts on their vegetarian meals because their vegetarian meals were the only reason I kept my subscription going after the first time we reviewed HelloFresh (follow this link for our review). Pro – HelloFresh Gives You Fantastic Meals That Are Both Different And New If you are sick of food that repeats on you, then having somebody else decide what you eat is a nice way of adding a little spice into your life. Be brave and cook and eat whatever they send....

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Which Are Covered Illnesses When Buying Travel Insurance?

We picked the biggest travel insurance companies we could find, and we asked what they consider to be covered illnesses when buying travel insurance. We would like to thank Allianz Insurance for going above and beyond when giving out information about travel insurance. Here is a link to their travel insurance website. We also took advice from Prudential PLC (UK Only) and Berkshire Hathaway Travel Protection (USA Only). Disclaimer Take this as a general guideline and not as a specific guide. I say that because there is always an insurance company or two that covers or doesn’t cover the...

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Poor-Quality House Selling Pictures And The Terrible Excuses That Follow

We are not going to teach you the fundamentals of photography because there are far better websites on the net for that sort of thing. We are going to show you the mistakes other home sellers have made when photographing their house. Our tips range from simple to sophisticated, from taking photos at the bottom of your stairs, to how good lighting should mean the absence of shadows. The poor quality house selling pictures featured in this article have excuses attached. Each home owner thought he/she was fully justified in the way he/she presented his/her house…but I beg to...

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When you pay for something online, you are putting your financial and personal details at risk. No matter which form of payment you use, there is always a risk, and there is no way for you (the consumer) to know just how big or small the risk is. The sheer number of massive hacks and leaks over the last ten years is proof enough that we have no idea how safe our payment information really is. adds another layer of privacy. Every time you use your credit card, it generates a brand new set of details, and you...

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