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Author: Ash The Great

Marketing Automation Statistics And Automated Marketing Advice

One of the many things that bothers me about marketing automation is the fact there are so many articles, blogs, posts and Infographics on the Internet that quote silly statistics. They say things such as how automated emails have a 70% open rate, or that click through rates are 152% higher. If you believe such figures, then you I am 112% sure you will make money on a pyramid scheme. I’m sure you could show me 10 companies that have improved their click through rates 152% by using marketing automation, in the same way I could show you 10...

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Dealing With a Child’s Toothache

When you have to deal with a child’s toothache, be very gentle when trying to ascertain the cause of the pain. Children, especially little ones, are not usually co-operative with information as to where the pain is actually located. As you try to give the child some relief, it is possible that there is a resistance to your efforts, as children do not have ability to handle pain well, especially if the toothache is severe. Too Much Sugary And Sticky Stuff? The cause of the toothache may be from the child’s diet. Chocolate cakes and cookies, candy and cool...

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Effective Tips For Creating Your Business Video

A “Business Video” is an umbrella term for a lot of business related videos. These include marketing videos, brand-building videos, promotional videos, demonstrations, staff training and reputation management videos. Here are a few tips in order to help you create yours. Creating “Good” Business Videos Even if you are a small business, there is no reason why you cannot create some very good and very effective business videos. They may not have the actors or production values that come with bigger company videos, but that does not mean they may not publish a similar message. The Internet has given...

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Content Writing Tips For People That Are Trying To Sell Via Their Content

This article quickly covers a few of the factors you need to consider if you are trying to sell a product through your website. It starts with tips on what sort of web pages you should generate, and then moves on to advice on how to optimize your eCommerce website. This advice should help content writers and ecommerce websites sell via their content. Not Every Sales Page Has To Be A Review One of the most common ways to sell a product through a web page is to write reviews on the product, make the reviews glowing, and then...

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Defining “Sale Deterrents” And Five Ways To Promote Your Business Offline

A sale deterrent is an element within your marketing that triggers an almost knee-jerk “No” decision as opposed to the more desirable “Yes” buying decision. We see this sort of thing every day without truly realizing how powerful the concept is. After explaining what Sales Deterrents are in detail, I also offer five ways you may promote your business offline. The Power Of The Sale Deterrent Do you remember when people discovered that cochineals were considered a natural way to color food? When it became widely known that the natural food coloring for red was made from cochineals (insects),...

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