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Author: Ash The Great

The Pros And Cons Of Wire Transfers vs. Cashier’s Checks

A cashier’s check is a check from a bank or a business that people use because it is guaranteed by the issuing bank or business. You saunter in and ask the teller for a cashier’s check of a certain amount. They charge your account for the amount on the cashier’s check and a fee. They hand over the cashier’s check which guarantees the recipient that the check will clear. A wire transfer is a direct electronic funds transfer where your digital money is transferred directly from your account to another account without a third or fourth party being involved....

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Money Transfer Methods: What Should Each Method Cost?

There are plenty of money transfer methods and we are lucky to live in a capitalist country where we can trust our money transfer methods. There are plenty of countries where you can send something such as a wire transfer and have your bank or money company claim they never received it, (and there is nothing you can do about it). Luckily, countries such as the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Ireland and Australia take money very seriously, which is why transfer networks are ultra secure. In this article, you will find numerous money transfer methods and how much...

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A Review Of The Npower Power Company (UK And Europe)

This article is packed full of information about the Npower energy company. It details their standing in the YouGov customer satisfaction survey. It explains the company’s main selling point and things such as how much CO2 and nuclear waste that they produce. Npower used to be called the Central Electricity Generating Board, but after the company was privatized in 1990, it became known as National Power, and now Npower. Npower is owned by a German group called the RWE Group. Here are some statistics and facts about Npower. How many people use Npower in the UK? Npower currently have...

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A Review Of The ScottishPower Power Company (UK And Europe)

This article has information, facts and statistics about the ScottishPower energy company. It explains how they are the only non-nuclear energy provider in the UK, and how they are the highest CO2 producers in the UK. It gives details on their customer service, as well as brief details about their company profits. ScottishPower are a fairly new energy company. The state-owned Scottish power company was privatised and became ScottishPower in 1990. A regional supplier called Manweb now own ScottishPower after they purchased the company in 1995. Here is everything you need to know about ScottishPower. How many people have...

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A Review Of The British Gas Power Company (UK And Europe)

British Gas is part of a larger power supply group called the Centrica Group. They merged with the private company British Gas in 1997. They are the largest power supplier in the United Kingdom, and they bill over twelve million homes for gas, electricity or both. Below are some great facts and statistics about the British Gas (B-Gas) company. How many customers do British Gas have? If you include both business and domestic customers, British Gas has over twenty million customers. They bill more than double the amount of people than their biggest competitor SSE does. SEE only have...

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