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Author: Ash The Great

Buying Travel Insurance? Find Out How Quotes Are Made, What Is Covered, And Why You Shouldn’t Buy Travel Insurance

Many people only start buying travel insurance after they have experienced a disastrous trip and wasted/lost a lot of money. Other people have taken sound advice from friends and relatives and buy travel insurance. Other people figure that they are spending a lot of money on their trip and want to protect their investment in some way. Buying travel insurance is not confusing, nor is it overwhelming. Start out with cheap insurance that offers low coverage, and learn a little more about travel insurance each time you book a trip. Article Contents (Click The Links To Jump To Those...

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12 Of The Most Powerful Ways to Optimize Your AirBnB Listings

We have gathered together the biggest list of ways to optimize Your AirBnB Listings on the Internet. We were originally going to publish a book on how to optimize AirBnB listing, but we figured it would gain more exposure on our website. However, since we are giving this information away for free, we have affiliated with AirBnB. If you are going to make an order through AirBnB, then do it through our link. Order from AirBnB through this link Use our link above if you are visiting or buying from AirBnB and they will kick us back a little...

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How To Make a Sales Rep Redundancy-Proof (And How To Be A Better Seller)

Sales reps have a massive advantage in their industry. The advantage is that their value to the company can be seen, monitored, recorded and reviewed very easily. People in other roles are often cogs in the machine where their true value is rarely something you can quantify. In other jobs, the most valuable members are often overlooked and ignored. In other jobs, people are usually “genuinely” appreciated when they leave and their workstation and it turns to shambles. As a sales rep, you can show and prove your value to the company at any time and you can even...

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13 Reasons Why Trip Cancellation Insurance Is A Waste Of Money

Our research team spends a lot of time reading what other people think about travel insurance companies, and a common complaint revolves around trip cancellation insurance. There are some circumstances where people are not covered by their trip cancellation insurance, and it is fair to say that it often comes as a surprise to the buyer (to say the least). For example, if your holiday company goes bust, your trip cancellation insurance will not cover it. Trip cancellation insurance is not a cure-all policy because it has a fair number of limitations and restrictions that many people are unaware...

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How To Start Fundraising For Your New Business – Bootstrap And Venture Capital Methods

Why is it that some businesses are able to start on a shoestring and build themselves up, where others need funding from angel investors and venture capitalists? In many cases, getting investors and/or loans is not needed. It may make a business startup a little easier, but the fact is that it “can” be done without outside investors. On the other hand, some businesses need investment to get started because starting the business requires large purchases. There are also businesses where investment is needed because it takes a long time to start seeing a profit. Many technology and software...

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