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Author: Ash The Great

Cellphone Data Plans That Save “Some” People Money In The USA

The point of this article is twofold. Firstly, we created it because we have a lot of leftover research and analysis data from our extensive mobile-plan testing, so we needed to use it up. Secondly, our leftovers from other articles do contain good deals, but the problem is that they are not good deals across the board. For example, a deal that is good for people who use very little mobile data may the terrible for people who use a lot of Internet data. Here are the cellphone data plans that save some people money in the USA. Xfinity...

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Best Personal Finance Software 2018

How are people supposed to test and try these programs to find the best personal finance software? None them will ring your bell. It is not like comparing a Ferrari to a Ford, it is not even like comparing banking apps where some banking apps are useless and some are great. Comparing personal finance software is like comparing bread. It is like tasting bread with wholegrain and bread with organic corn and figuring that one is maybe better than the other, but you are not going to leave your spouse if he/she eats your slice of toast. Think of...

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Opensky Secured Visa Credit Card

If you are thinking about applying for an OpenSky Secured Visa Credit Card, you won’t need to worry about having no credit or your bad credit history because OpenSky because they don’t do credit checks. It is a secured credit card where you pay them a lump sum in advance and then borrow your own money back from them and pay them interest. Who Are OpenSky Trying To Fool? Why would anybody pay a company a lump sum, just so they may borrow back their own money with interest? Typically, desperate people use secured credit cards. For example, some...

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Best Cheap Cell Phone Plans

It was difficult finding the best cheap cell phone plans because prices change so often, plus there are some very cheap plans that are useless wastes of money. We have tried to put together the cheapest plans that still offer a reasonably good deal. While researching this article and testing cellphone companies, we tried and tested unlimited plans, pre-paid plans, Pay-As-You-Go plans and Internet-only plans. Best Cheap Cell Phone Plans – Ting (For Infrequent Cellphone Users) Ting Website Ting acts like both a prepaid cellphone plan and a Pay-As-You-Go plan. It is one of the best cheap cell phone...

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