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Author: Ash The Great

How to Start A Business Or Pursue a Career in the Meditation Industry

Just like with any marketable skill, it is operating system to pursue a career in the meditation industry. How you pursue your career is really up to you, but you should start by at least looking for a few accredited meditation courses. After that point, you have plenty of options to choose from. Finding Accredited Meditation Courses It turns out that different countries have different rules and names for meditation qualifications and courses. Just like how a jeweler may be diploma qualified in one country and the qualification doesn’t carry over to another country, you are able to earn...

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How to Buy Bitcoin with Credit Card or Debit Card FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Many companies and private sellers would prefer that you pay for your bitcoin with a wire transfer or a bank transfer because these are irreversible. On the other hand, if you buy bitcoin with a credit card or a debit card, and you do not receive the bitcoin, then the transaction may be reversed. What Are the Fees When Buying with Credit Card or Debit Card? You are going to have to pay a 1% to 3% charge for using your credit card because the card issuer will charge that amount to the company taking your card payment. Any...

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How to Improve Performance Marketing For Your Business

What is performance marketing? These days, it refers to the use of things such as affiliate advertising, where payment is only issued if there is a measurable result. There are numerous ways you may use performance marketing, but the primary goal is to optimize your performance marketing to ensure you are getting more for your money. Sometimes, It Is Worth Targeting Impressions Simply To Get The Ball Rolling Most of your adverts will not contain a branding message, especially the text-based adverts you put out, so you are probably keen to keep impressions down and click-through rates very high....

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How to Create Effective Content for Digital Signage From Scratch

This article is not tutorial on the technicalities of creating content for digital signage because that would require tutorials on video creation, image editing, graphic design, programming and much more. This article is for people who have a blank digital sign and who are saying, “What am I going to fill this up with?” It is for people who want to fully exploit all the benefits of having digital signs without resorting to cheap marketing tricks. Using examples drawn from real companies, this article helps you create “Effective” digital sign content from scratch. Note the word “Effective!” Any hobbledehoy...

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Credit One Bank Nascar Credit Card Review

I understand why the Credit One Bank Nascar credit card is receiving such poor online reviews from other online writers, it is the same reason why online writers tore into the StarBucks credit card, it is because there is an underlying feeling that somebody is screwing around (“Taking the piss” in British parlance) when they banks make specialty cards like these. Bike reviewers would feel the same if Harley made a Starbucks bike and called it the Pokey Nose. Yet, I find the Credit One Bank Nascar credit card to be one of the most open and transparent credit...

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