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Author: Ash The Great

How To Start Fundraising For Your New Business – Bootstrap And Venture Capital Methods

Why is it that some businesses are able to start on a shoestring and build themselves up, where others need funding from angel investors and venture capitalists? In many cases, getting investors and/or loans is not needed. It may make a business startup a little easier, but the fact is that it “can” be done without outside investors. On the other hand, some businesses need investment to get started because starting the business requires large purchases. There are also businesses where investment is needed because it takes a long time to start seeing a profit. Many technology and software...

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Tips And Advice To Help You Build An Effective Content Marketing Strategy

Content marketing is not like painting by numbers. This step-by-step guide is broken into processes. This article covers the planning, execution and reflection phases. The content marketing strategy process should be treated like the healing of a wound where each step tentatively approached, monitored, guided, and is not overstretched. This article struggles with a tug-of-war between offering advice that suits most readers, and being specific without alienating readers. Please excuse the areas that appear a little broad and generic; I did my best to maintain this article’s wide spread appeal while still offering usable content marketing advice. A Quick...

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Allianz Travel Insurance Review (2018 Update)

Allianz Travel Insurance / Allianz Global Assistance used to be called Access America. They changed their name because they are now a global insurance provider. Allianz Travel Insurance has offices in 28 countries, and it is currently owned by the Allianz corporation, which is currently the biggest insurance company in the world. The company has been running for 60 years, which is not impressive to anybody here at because their age doesn’t automatically mean they are good at their job. The fact that Allianz is the world’s largest insurance company is impressive because it is tough to grow...

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Should I Believe Positive Or Negative Reviews About Allianz Travel Insurance?

What is so special about Allianz Travel Insurance that we decided to write an article on if you should believe reviews about Allianz Travel Insurance? The fact is that Allianz’s online reputation is complex and diverse enough for us to hold them up as an example. On the one hand, they have a stunning reputation, and on the other hand they have the reputation of blood parasite. We explain why you should and shouldn’t believe reviews about Allianz Travel Insurance, and we teach you how to spot fake reviews and overly biased reviews. Are We Supporting Allianz Travel Insurance...

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Happiness And Your Career – Are You Self Sabotaging Your Happiness At Work?

Are you self sabotaging your happiness? Are you making career decisions that are holding you back without you knowing? Is your happiness at work based on circumstances you cannot control? You Need To Be A Peacock And A Beaver, Or You Become A Blind Hen Feeling underappreciated is the worst feeling people experience at work, especially when other people take the credit for cheating or for your work. If you feel unhappy at work because you are good at it, because you work hard, and yet you receive no recognition, then you are a blind hen from the Gotthold...

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