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Author: Ash The Great

Best Cheap Car Insurance in 2018 & Tips On How To Handle Auto Insurance Trickery

Our Best Cheap Car Insurance article offers detailed information on fifteen of the cheapest car insurance companies in the USA. But, in an odd twist, we offer you their most negative and complained-about features. We know that you are going to use comparison websites and online quotation tools to figure out which are the cheapest for you personally, but why are they so cheap, and is there a catch? Our list features the best cheap car insurance companies and the reasons why maybe you should give them a miss. Find out what the catch is. We give you the...

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Best Life Insurance of 2018

We really struggled creating our best life insurance list this year because there are so many of them that do good work. Nobody denies that there are fraudster and crappy life insurance companies out there, but experience has taught us that the ratio of good-to-bad life insurance companies is rather favorable. We couldn’t decide which were the best of the best, so we have created a list of the best life insurance companies and given you their pros and cons. The list is in no particular order. The list was randomized to try to avoid showing favoritism. Most of...

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Primor Secured Visa Classic Card Review

The Primor Secured Visa Classic Card is great for people with poor credit or no credit at all, who are trying to get a credit card. It is far from perfect, and if I had my way I would be able to talk you out of getting any type of credit card. As for this secured credit card, in the cesspool that is the world of secured credit cards, the Primor Secured Visa Classic card only stinks a little. People like secured credit cards such as Primor Secured Visa Classic card because there are no credit checks. This is...

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Top Two Unlimited Data Plans For Multi-Line Accounts

Here are two phone networks that offer unlimited data and also offer great multi-line accounts where you can add more than one phone onto your account. They are not the cheapest multi-line accounts, but they are the best value for money at this moment in time. Check them out if you are looking for unlimited talk, texts and data for more than one phone line. Unlimited Data Plans For Multi-line Accounts Winner Is – AT&T AT&T Data Plan There is a multi-line plan with AT&T that may save you money if you have a family, or if you would...

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Cellphone Plans That May Help You Save Money

We thought we would collect together another bunch of cellphone plans that may help you save money. They each have their own specific benefits. Use this article when you are shopping around for cellphone plans. Do not rely on comparison websites because they are too easily manipulated. Republic Wireless – Data Flexibility Republic Wireless Cellphone Plans Republic Wireless offer a certain amount of data flexibility. You can choose to use their very cheap calls and texts plan on its own, or you can add data to your plan. Once you add data, it will stay on your plan and...

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