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Author: Ash The Great

18 Reasons To Use Credit Cards

You have the choice of paying by cash, debit card, online account or credit card. If you do not have money in your bank or online accounts, then either you go without, or you use your credit card. What about the people who have money in their bank account and still use their credit card? Why don’t they simply use their debit card rather than their credit card? Are they tempting fate by inviting the potential for problems? After all, one unexpected expense, and the credit card user won’t clear his/her balance…and before you know it…he or she is...

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Drinks To Avoid If You Want To Lose Weight

Enhance your diet and lose weight by regulating which drinks you are consuming. Revealed are some of the shocking revelations about every-day drinks which surprise many people. Prepare your diet by taking into account what you drink. Here are some shocking facts about healthy drinks that could ruin your diet. Losing weight tends to focus on food. One area which people always seem to avoid is drinks. Drinks can add on a good chunk of calories and can mean the difference between losing and gaining weight. Part of creating a successful weight-loss plan is determining which drinks should be...

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A Work-From-Home Guide to Blogging

We offer a shotgun scattering of tips for work-from-home bloggers. In our guide to blogging, we cover things such as picking your blog genre, tips on running your blog, why you should use your comment section, and we even offer a few tips on how to stay safe while working from home. Ideas When Picking A Blog Genre To Start Your Blog This section of our guide to blogging describes a few things to consider when you start a new blog. It explains how picking a blog genre is very important, and how targeting the right reader is the...

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Ways to Have your Kitchen Ready for Emergencies

Our kitchens are the heart of our homes. They are the most used room in the house in many cases. So it makes sense to have your kitchen set up as a one stop port of call for practical items other than just food. Things like candles, torches and a place to keep spare batteries in case of emergencies are a common occurrence in many households. If you like to plan ahead to make sure that you and your family are geared up for any emergency, here are some simple ways to make sure your kitchen is safe and...

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Should You Pay For Private School Or Stick With A State School?

Private schools are expensive, but the idea that it is a waste of money is silly. After all, parents are happy to pay to put their child through university, so why is it so abhorrent that they put their child through a private High school? The real question is if private school is value for money, and there is no real way to tell if it is or it isn’t. It all depends on what you want in return for your money. The Potential For Faster Progress The first is the fact that students in private schools are allowed/more...

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