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Author: Ash The Great

Why Is Travel Insurance So Expensive? Can I Cheat It Cheaper?

Why is travel insurance so expensive for some people and not for others? Why are some destinations more expensive than others when it comes to travel Insurance? How come people say it is more expensive to get travel insurance if you are traveling to Canada or the USA? Sadly, the travel insurance industry isn’t as easy or transparent as the car and home insurance industry, and this is due to there being an over-saturation of travel insurance companies in the global market, and because travel insurance has more factors involved in terms of risk. Do Not Buy Trip Cancellation...

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Travel Guard Insurance User Reviews

AIG has a travel insurance company called Travel Guard. The AIG parent company is big, which is why they do their best to keep their reputation as positive as possible. Travel Guard processes claims quickly when compared to its competition, and they usually have a professional attitude. Still, there are some people who love Travel Guard and some who hate it, so here are a few Travel Guard insurance user reviews. The user reviews have been paraphrased and tidied up by me so that I may put them in this article. They Paid For My Damaged Luggage The airline...

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Allianz Travel Insurance User Reviews

Allianz Travel Insurance, also known as Allianz Global Assistance is the largest travel insurance company in the world, as it is owned by Allianz SE, which is the world’s largest diversified insurance company. It is a big business, which is why complaints are handled quickly, claims are dealt with efficiently, and is why they are able to offer lower rates than other travel insurance companies. Their online reputation is near perfect, with millions upon millions of satisfied customers, and just a minority of angry customers, so here are a few Allianz Travel Insurance user reviews you may be interested...

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The Pros And Cons Of Uber – Are They Better Than Taxis?

We offer the pros and cons of Uber and ask if they are better than taxis, but my cowardly response is “Yes” and “No.” I both like and hate taxis, just as I like and hate Uber drivers. Most of the pros and cons I have chosen apply to Lyft as well, but I thought we would pick on Uber this week. Uber Waiting Times Are Lower Than With Taxis I know this point is situational, but the fact remains there are times when an Uber is going to turn up before a taxi does. A taxi may turn...

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