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Author: Ash The Great

7 of the Most In-Demand Careers in Digital Marketing

Here are seven careers in digital marketing that businesses are crying out for. Both very large and very small businesses need people to fill the roles laid out in this article. Before you disregard one career or the next, try to understand that each role may offer very different challenges. For example, a job as a brand administrator for a manufacturing company will have very different challenges and rewards to being a brand administrator for a children’s nursery business. 1 – Social Media Manager Running your own social media campaign seems fun. Yet, years down the line, you will...

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How to Pinpoint Your Target Audience

Pinpointing your target audience and your target markets takes a lot of work and trial and error testing, so why create an article about how to pinpoint a target audience? Do we know secrets that hurry the process along? What we know is that targeting doesn’t have to be an uphill battle. As you will learn, there are times when even the smallest of marketing investments can yield a full and broad picture of your target audience. Plus, you will learn that pinpointing a target audience is not about buying expensive services, luck, or even about persistence; it is...

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How To Post The Same Content Over Different Social Media Platforms

At first glance, you could probably spread the same piece of content across numerous social media platforms and enjoy the full benefits of the content you just made, but that is not a smart marketing move. Each social media network needs tending to in its own way. You need to take into account: The social media format Its method of information dissemination Its ranking factors Its audience, and your accessibility to its audience Differentiating content across different social media platforms is far trickier than you may first imagine. An Important Point About This Article and Social Media Platforms This...

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Easy SEO Instructions To Give Your Staff While You Take A Vacation

There are plenty of easy SEO (Search Engine Optimization) tricks and tips you can use if you are leaving your staff in charge while you go on vacation. This article details seven ways that you may ensure and guarantee your SEO keeps running smoothly while you are away on vacation. The SEO experience is not as difficult as it used to be. These days, it is more about how popular your website is than any other factor. Nevertheless, there is nothing wrong with setting up a few SEO booster plans prior to you leaving for vacation. Schedule Posts For...

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A Review Of Freelancer-Friendly Apps

It has been a while since we offered a list of Freelancer-friendly apps. We took a selection of different apps that were suggested to us by our viewers, and we reviewed each one of them. Some of them seem to have a far better reputation than they deserve. Our hope is that you will search through this list and find a few apps that work well for you. Hopper app The Hopper mobile app lets you book accommodations and flights on your phone. The app will advise you which flight and accommodations are a suitable choice...

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