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Author: Ash The Great

How to Create Effective Content for Digital Signage From Scratch

This article is not tutorial on the technicalities of creating content for digital signage because that would require tutorials on video creation, image editing, graphic design, programming and much more. This article is for people who have a blank digital sign and who are saying, “What am I going to fill this up with?” It is for people who want to fully exploit all the benefits of having digital signs without resorting to cheap marketing tricks. Using examples drawn from real companies, this article helps you create “Effective” digital sign content from scratch. Note the word “Effective!” Any hobbledehoy...

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Credit One Bank Nascar Credit Card Review

I understand why the Credit One Bank Nascar credit card is receiving such poor online reviews from other online writers, it is the same reason why online writers tore into the StarBucks credit card, it is because there is an underlying feeling that somebody is screwing around (“Taking the piss” in British parlance) when they banks make specialty cards like these. Bike reviewers would feel the same if Harley made a Starbucks bike and called it the Pokey Nose. Yet, I find the Credit One Bank Nascar credit card to be one of the most open and transparent credit...

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How To Turn The Word “Free” Into a Marketing Tool

Common sense says, “If I give away my best material, why buy my book, online or offline service?” This type of thinking is fine for physical products and inventions, but it doesn’t help you sell your book or service, and what is the point in having the best book or service if nobody is ever exposed to it? If you are selling a book, give away your best advice in the book description section on your website because it is your strongest selling point. If people see great advice given away for free, they will buy your book because...

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Stuff You Should Know About Wiring $10,000 Overseas

When sending and receiving money abroad in amounts of $10,000 or more, you will need to be up to date with the international rules sending/receiving large sums through digital transfers. If you are transporting cash in the amounts of $10,000, then you will simply need to declare it at customs when you leave; beware that you may need to prove that you earned/own the money legally and legitimately, plus you may need to explain why you are taking such a large sum of cash out of the country. Wiring $10,000 overseas requires more paperwork and more checking than with...

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HSBC Gold Mastercard Credit Card Review

Like them or not, HSBC cranks out some good products, so why isn’t this card a world beater? The fact is that there are only really three downsides about the HSBC Gold Mastercard credit card. The first is that the card is less about rewards and is more about offering a long-term credit card. Secondly, if you want to access your account via your phone, then you have to use the HSBC mobile app, which isn’t as beloved by some people as it should be. Thirdly, the balance transfer fee is 4%, which is still great, but people with...

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