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Author: Ash The Great

YNAB Review – You Need A Budget 4 – Pros And Cons

The YNAB (You Need A Budget) app has been updated a few times. At the time of writing the app is called You Need A Budget 4 (YNAB 4). It is the most recent version of the app. It contains numerous updates from the previous version, such as more control, customization and streamlining. The app requires a yearly subscription to be paid in full when you start using it. Prior to buying, you may try their no-obligation free trial for a month. Later in this article, I explain my biases reasons for wanting to rip this app apart. But,...

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Venmo Review – Common Questions And Answers

Venmo is a payment processing company. You are given an online wallet that you access through your iOS or Android app. Your Venmo account may be used to pay for things online or in stores, and you may use it to transfer money to other Venmo users. You may use money you have in your Venmo account, or money from linked cards and bank accounts. Just like with PayPal and Skrill, Venmo allows you to pay certain websites and pay for in-app purchases within certain mobile apps. Instead of entering a recipient’s bank information, you may send money using...

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Understanding Free Credit Score Services

There are two types of free credit score companies. There are the credit bureaus, and there are companies that offer you a look at your credit score by running a soft search on your credit. It is highly advisable that you do not go directly to credit bureaus. In this article, you will come to understand how free credit score services work, and which path you should take if you wish to look at your credit rating/credit score and your credit history. This article explains all about how you get free credit score services from credit bureaus (not recommended),...

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Udemy Review – Questions & Answers

This Udemy review covers the many questions that people have about Udemy. The Udemy website offers a series of teaching courses. They teach you things that you can maybe use in your life or as part of your job. Some people use Udemy courses to add to their CV. Others use the courses to pick up new skills. The company does give out certificates that prove you have completed a course, which one may show to a current or future employer. Are Udemy Courses Accredited? In other words, can you get real qualifications from Udemy? No you can not....

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