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Author: Ben Todd

Best Travel Insurance For Backpackers (2018 Update)

The coverage you need depends on the country or location you are planning to visit. It also depends on your medical situation, your mobility, the amount of goods you are taking, the time you are spending over there, and your budget. If you are a smart backpacker, you are putting a lot of planning into this adventure, and if that is the case, you will have to spend a lot of time planning and researching your travel insurance–and here is a good place to start. We explain the difference between regular travel insurance and backpacker insurance, we explain the...

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How to Buy Bitcoin: The Ultimate Beginner’s Guide to Buying Bitcoin & Altcoins

Like a lot of people you have probably heard; and read, a great deal about bitcoin and cryptocurrencies but still do not know what they are. Worse you might have a vague notion of how these new financial technologies work. Everybody needs to know what altcoins are; because they have the potential to upend the entire financial system and change our lives. If they are successful cryptocurrencies might change how you do business, get paid, pay taxes, buy and sell goods online and in store, invest and bank. If they are successful cryptocurrencies might change how you do business,...

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Digital Nomad: Ultimate Packing Guide

You’ve made the choice to be a digital nomad, bought your plane ticket, and now you’re getting ready to pack. Fitting an entire life into a suitcase isn’t an easy chore, it is do-able with our ultimate digital nomad packing guide. Let’s get started with four packing tips first The Digital Nomad Pre-Packing TO DO’s Before even packing, do the following 4 things! 1. Research the country you’re traveling to What’s fine in Miami Beach during spring break isn’t going to work for a more conservative or colder country. Make sure that the clothes you bring are both climatic...

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Best Cash Back Credit Cards (Updated 2017)

If you are lucky enough to have a good or great credit rating, then you have your choice of the best cash back credit cards on the market. It is in your interest to pick the best and more rewarding one in order to make the most of your good/great credit rating. In our review, we only feature the best cash back credit cards, we don’t bother mentioning the credit cards that we tested and disliked. We have only listed the best of the best. The Best Cash Back Credit Cards for 2017 Cash back credit cards allow you...

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Best Airline Credit Cards for Travel Hackers (Updated 2017)

Millions of people take advantage of earning miles to travel the world for varying amounts of money. You can really take advantage of mile offers from travel reward credit cards and use the miles for many free flights. First of all when we use the word hack we are not implying any sort of illegal activity. It is just a name given to people who know how to take advantage and get the most miles out a credit card. In our review, we feature the three best airline credit cards that have suitable large introductory offers. Best Airline Credit...

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