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Author: Ben Todd

How to Open a Bank Account without ChexSystems

This information is updated for 2017. So if you are one of the unlucky ones whose tried to open a bank account only to be told that it’s impossible, welcome to the club of those banned from banking by ChexSystems. I’ve created this resource page for all those struggling to get a bank account, but can’t. Frankly, I’m tired of seeing so many baloney articles about this topic that just leave people floundering around for real information. Let’s cut to the chase for the impatient: If you want the quickest solution, I suggest you try to open a BBVA...

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Best Cheap Espresso Machines

Here we have a list of some of the best espresso machines for you to choose from. This article explains what is good about them, what is bad, and what sort of problems you may encounter when you buy one. This article also features the coffee maker’s additional tools too. They include things such as a pod holder or espresso cups that may come with each coffee maker. Read on, and you will discover as many as five ways to make an espresso. In this list of cheap espresso making machines, we also inform you of the benefits of...

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10 Banks That Do Not Use ChexSystems (2017 Edition)

ChexSystems, a company you’ve probably never heard about until you find your name in it. Then a nightmare begins where you are ousted from the banking system. Existing bank accounts are suddenly closed by your bank. Attempts at opening a new bank account at various national and local banks result in flat out rejections. Welcome to the wonderful world of ChexSystems. Most banks in the US use ChexSytems to screen new clients. It’s like having horrible credit, except while credit affects only your ability to secure credit products, a bad ChexSystems record affects your very ability to live. Without...

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