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Are Discount Codes Dead? How To Use Them With Social Media And Direct Mail

Are Discount Codes Dead? How To Use Them With Social Media And Direct Mail

The intention of this article is to sell the idea of discount codes to you because they are a valuable marketing tool, they are just being used and abused to the point where sellers have no idea how to use them anymore. Nobody is saying that any of the techniques in this article are easy, but they would have little value if they were.

If this article presented you with something such as the top ten “Easiest” ways to use discount codes to generate sales, then where is the value in that? Everybody would be doing it if it were easy, which would dilute the power of the technique. The discount-code-marketing techniques that are explained in this article are not easy to use or pull off, but they are incredibly powerful in the right and in the most dedicated (tenacious) hands.

Discount codes are more effective than ever, they are just misused and mismanaged

If they are easy to get, what is the point in having them? Merchants give away freebies and yet cannot understand why people don’t return to shop. Plenty of modern merchants offer to give things away for free and yet people don’t take them up on the offer. Have you ever wondered why this is?

It is the same reason why buyers do not bother with discount codes. It is because the freebies have no monetary value. If your discounts are easy to get, then they have no value. If you have raised your prices so that you may offer discounts, then your discount codes have no value. People know the price of things, and they can see when you have inflated your prices so that you may offer a discount price.

Exclusivity is the key to success with discount codes

Think about your childhood when a “Sale” sign actually meant something. It meant people were going to get a bargain, but that is not what it means anymore. People ignore sale signs because they are overused and they have no value.

American marketing experts have renamed the idea of a sale. They created Black Friday. The Black Friday idea offers discount prices where the discounts have value. People rush to shops on Black Friday in the same way they used to flock to shops on January the 2nd during the January sales.

Make people work for your discount codes and you give them value. Actually, create loss leaders where you will lose money in order to give your discount codes a monetary value.

Use cross-platform promotion to make it more difficult. A crude method may be to offer half the discount code via a direct mail leaflet, and half the code via your social media profile. You are going to get fewer takers if you make your discount codes harder to get, but the people who work to get them will be far warmer leads than people who had discount codes forced on them via an email or an advert.

Make a social media user work for discount codes

Make them answer a survey first. Not only does it make them work for their discount code, but it also feels as if they traded something for their discount code, which will elevate the value of the discount code. Also, you may gain a little insight into the mind of your potential customer based on their replies.

Have them buy something first and then offer a discount code. It is less likely to be effective, but it may work in the long term. For example, if somebody doesn’t take you up on your first discount code, you may send them another one in a few months to remind them that they bought from you and that they are still eligible for a discount on their next purchase.

Ask them to refer a friend for brilliant discount codes. Not only does this allow you to hoist your discount codes on your customers, it also allows you to legitimately slash your prices. Using this method is just like buying leads, which means you may add the losses from your discounts to your marketing budget.

Use social media and leaflet codes in tandem

Track your social media posts the same way you track your direct mail (do it with discount codes). For example, you post something on Twitter on the 15th of January and the end the code with XXY. Anybody who uses that code is somebody who gained access to the code you released in January on Twitter. You can easily see which codes were spread the most efficiently.

Discount codes allow you to track your online and offline marketing

Customized discount codes that you track will also allow you to see how far your codes are being shared. You can see how they are being shared via other social media users, discount websites, and so forth. Companies that use leaflets have been using tracked discount codes for generations. It allows you to see which adverts work the best, which areas buy the most products, and when prices are the most effective.

Discount codes are easier to track and test than ever before

Social sharing has made dissemination easy, which means you can track things such as social sharing surges by simply measuring how many people use which code on your website at which time. You get to see awesome things like social resurgences where an influencer shares a discount code from a few weeks ago and suddenly it is popular again.

Conclusion – Make your discount codes harder to get

The harder your discount codes are to get, then the number of people who want them will increase. People will also be willing to share them online with other people with the hopes of generating gratitude from friends and family. What’s more, there are websites and subscription services that make a living by sharing discount codes, and their service becomes more valuable if your codes are more difficult to get. Such websites and services will go out of their way to gain access to your discount codes and will go out of your way to disseminate your codes because it makes them look good for finding and gaining access to them.

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