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Allianz Travel Insurance Review (2018 Update)

Allianz Travel Insurance Review (2018 Update)

Allianz Travel Insurance / Allianz Global Assistance used to be called Access America. They changed their name because they are now a global insurance provider. Allianz Travel Insurance has offices in 28 countries, and it is currently owned by the Allianz corporation, which is currently the biggest insurance company in the world. The company has been running for 60 years, which is not impressive to anybody here at because their age doesn’t automatically mean they are good at their job. The fact that Allianz is the world’s largest insurance company is impressive because it is tough to grow as large as they have in such a competitive industry. Here is our Allianz Travel Insurance review.

Points About Allianz Travel Insurance We Like

  • They offer good value for money if you know what you want and how to get it
  • The medical coverage on offer is mostly superior to Allianz’s competitors
  • Good cover for trip cancellations that are outside of your control
  • Trip delay and baggage coverage is robust if you do your research

Points Where…They Suck

  • People who want cover for risky activities like winter sports will be unimpressed with the cover on offer
  • Coverage for death and personal accidents are not as high as most people demand
  • People receive lower claims if their mishap occurs because of pre-existing medical conditions

The Big Selling Point…And The Catch!!!

Allianz boast that they offer a type of travel insurance that will suit any trip and any person, and this is true. You can approach them with the weirdest requests for taking trips underwater to flash your panties at the fish, and Allianz will have a policy that covers you in some way.

The catch is that the deal you get may not knock your socks off. For example, if you want to go to China and try bungee jumping in five of the major cities, then Allianz will cover you for your trip, but your family will not receive tens of thousands if you die, and Allianz will pay to keep you alive, but will not pay for the two years of physical therapy you need when the rope breaks and you snap your neck.

What Does Allianz Travel Insurance Do?

As the name suggests, Allianz Travel Insurance is a travel insurance company. On their home page is a tool that allows you to quickly pick a plan that may suit you. Select your plan type from the drop-down menu, select your departure date and your return date.

find a travel plan with Allianz Travel Insurance

Click the next button button and enter your traveler’s ages, the total cost of your trip, your state of residence, and your travel agent ID if you have one. Click the button that says “Get A Quote.”

Enter your trip details with Allianz Travel Insurance

A quote then generated in the form of different travel insurance plans. As you can see from the image below, you are able to see what each plan offers. There is an “Expand All” button that better describes each element of each plan. The numbers you see on the image below were generated based on the cost of the trip. I only entered a trip value of $1200, and yet the trip cancellation amount and the trip interruption account comes to more than $1200, which is pretty good. Obviously, you can’t simply cancel your trip and expect a payout; the trip must have been canceled by another party such as the travel company, airline, or another party that you have no control over.

Allianz Travel Insurance Plan Quote

Allianz Travel Insurance – Pros

Get A Quote Within Seconds

They allow you to get a quote in real-time without having to sign in or sign up. It may not sound like much of a benefit, but it is far better and easier than using other insurance websites or comparison sites where they want everything from your address to your Nan’s shoe size before they give you a quote.

They Have A Video Showing You How To Make Claims

There is a how-to video on the Allianz Travel Insurance website that shows you how to make claims, which is both a good thing and it helps speed things up a little when you make a claim because you are more likely to file correctly.

Plenty Of Options To Choose From

As you can see from the pricelist image above, you are given many options when you get insurance with Allianz Travel Insurance, which means you are able to customize your policy to give you the most appropriate coverage at a cost that suits you. Plus, you may do it all online if you wish, which means you do not have to talk to a commission-hungry agent.

Easy Claims Are Processed Very Quickly

The company is good when it comes to quickly processing common claims such as delayed or canceled flight claims, or claims for lost and stolen luggage. I am not saying they are super quick, I am just saying that the claim filing process and the timeliness in which your claim is processed is above average in these instances.

A Ten-Day Cancellation Policy

Allianz Travel Insurance has a ten-day cancellation policy, and they have English-speaking telephone assistance that runs day and night. The ten-day cancellation policy applies if you request a refund within ten days of making your order, and that your trip hasn’t started yet. They also say that you cannot cancel if you have initiated a claim, which I thought was fairly obvious, but Allianz Travel Insurance felt the need to add it into the large print.

Kid-Friendly Policies

They have some plans that cover children aged 17 or under for free. The plan usually states that the child must be traveling with a grandparent or parent in order to receive free coverage.

A Good Amount Of Protection

Allianz Travel Insurance offer a reasonably good amount of protection, they allow you to purchase online quickly and efficiently, and they offer global assistance. There are also multiple add-on options that you may choose to better customize your policy, and despite not being the cheapest, they do offer good rates.

Some Protection Against Natural Disasters

They do offer “some” protection with regards to natural disasters. I am going to have to remain a little vague on this one because insurance companies can often get out of paying on natural disasters and acts of god. Suffice it to say that if you are making a claim because of some sort of natural disaster, then Allianz Travel Insurance will not issue an automatic “No” when you file a claim.


Allianz Travel Insurance – Cons

I don’t want to appear overly biased in favor of Allianz Travel Insurance /, but I had a hard time finding problems with the company. There are plenty of negative reviews about them on the Internet, but neither I nor the eCheck research team could find systemic problems. Most companies gain a few negative reviews online for one reason or another, but it isn’t usually a problem unless a bunch of different people complain about the same sort of thing. That is rarely the case with Allianz Travel Insurance, which is why I had a hard time creating their cons list.

Annoying Customer Service When You Have A Less-Common Question

The customer service department is not terrible, but if you have a less-than-common problem, then you are going to have a hard time making your way through their automated menus because none of their suggestions apply to you. What typically happens is that you get through to the wrong agent, who then puts you on hold and transfers you to the correct department/agent.

As With All Insurance Companies…The Devil Is In The Details

Read the fine print and make sure you understand every detail regarding the coverage element you are choosing. For example, you cannot claim for trip cancellation if you are canceling for a medical reason that Allianz Travel Insurance consider to be neurosis-based/inspired or based on a pre-existing condition. Those are just two factors within the fine print that takes some claimants by surprise.

Slower Claim Processing For Less-Common Problems

Claim processing can take a very long time. It often takes a long time with many insurance companies, but Allianz Travel Insurance is no different. If you are expecting payments within seven days, then think again. You may get it if your claim is common and easily resolvable, but in most cases, Allianz are going to make you wait.

Adverts Make Big Promises That May Be Misleading

The service is heavily marketed in a way that leads some people to believe they are getting more coverage or more protection than they actually are. Allianz Travel Insurance has adverts and promotions that look like powerful fireworks, when some are little more than sparklers. Once the razzle-dazzle of Allianz Travel Insurance’s marketing has been stripped away, you will probably find that the policy is just as pedestrian as any other insurance companys’ policies.

Check With Allianz Before Cancelling Your Trip

Some of their denied claims do appear a little unfair. For example, if your tour guide cancels on you, you may not cancel your trip and make a claim. Allianz will say (in not so many words) that you can book another tour guide. There are going to be times when Allianz Travel Insurance will not pay a claim for reasons that appear a little unfair. It is not a big problem, no more than for most insurance companies, but if a problem appears, you may wish to take further action rather than assuming Allianz Travel Insurance will have you covered for your trip cancellation—because Allianz may have other thoughts on the matter.

Allianz Is Not A Discount Or Cheap Insurance Company

Allianz Travel Insurance is not your cheapest option. This is true of most of the biggest insurance companies. Can you trust Allianz Travel Insurance more than cheaper versions? Probably, but I still suggest that you shop around because you may get better and/or more suitable insurance protection from another company.

Their Customer Service Agents Often Sound Bored

Their customer service department is not perfect. There are times when you will have to talk to a bored, snotty or dismissive customer support agent. It is not a systematic problem, and their customer support is not bad, but you may have a poor-quality experience or two. You should not expect a bad agent, but do not be bowled over with shock if you get a poor-quality customer service agent.

Complex Claims Will Make Your Life Difficult

Allianz Travel Insurance do not handle complicated claims very well. This may be especially troubling if you often use the company and/or you have slightly more complex needs. If you have a complex claim, then expect to have a bit of a fight on your hands.

Conclusion – Is Allianz Travel Insurance Right For You?

Believe me when I say that both I and our research team tried hard to find serious faults with this company. I was especially thorough because I always figure that companies, especially big companies, have skeletons in their closets if you just dig deep enough. They don’t seem to pull any of the most common travel insurance tricks, which includes tricks to help them rank up on comparison websites, nor do they tack hidden charges into your order.

Despite a handsome number of negative and positive user reviews online, I have a hard time finding anything seriously wrong with the company. This sort of thing bothers me, especially when I write a review that comes across as positive because I feel a little like their marketing has worked on me. Maybe this is the case, or maybe they are such a large and successful company because they are not doing very much wrong.

Allianz Travel Insurance is part of a big and powerful insurance company, and even though some people are heavily against faceless mammoths such as these companies, I have a hard time finding anything seriously wrong with them. Allianz Travel Insurance has its faults, but there is nothing that causes me concern. Is Allianz Travel Insurance right for you? I think you should shop around and consider the benefits of this insurance company over a cheaper one. If you do decide to go with Allianz Travel Insurance / Allianz Global Assistance then you probably won’t regret it so long as you understand how your coverage works and what is-and-isn’t covered.

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