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A Review Of The SSE Power Company (UK And Europe)

A Review Of The SSE Power Company (UK And Europe)

This article has facts and statistics about the SSE energy company. It details their green initiatives, as well as how much nuclear waste and CO2 that they produce. It also explains how they had an overall score of 72.3% on the YouGov customer satisfaction survey. And, how this score put them in second place when ranked against the other five major energy suppliers in the UK. SSE used to stand for “Scottish and Southern Energy,” but the name was changed to SSE because it is now a parent company for a number of other energy producers. The company was formed in 1998 after Southern Electric and Scottish Hydro merged. They are not the largest energy producer in the UK, as British Gas currently produces more power. However, SSE currently has the biggest distribution network in the United Kingdom. Here are a few other fantastic facts and statistics about Scottish Southern Electric.

How many people are SEE customers?

Scottish Southern Electric currently bill over 9.6 million people in the UK. Scottish Southern Electric are the biggest competitors of British Gas who currently has 20 million customers in the United Kingdom.

What are SSE’s selling points?

They are frequently in and out of the top three cheapest power companies. They are also doing research into renewable energy.

SSE customer satisfaction

YouGov conducted a customer satisfaction survey in November of 2012. SSE had an overall score of 72.3%. This placed them second from the top out of the six major power suppliers in the UK.

How do SSE generate energy?

Gas is their main fuel, and it accounts for approximately 59% of their energy production. Coal is used for 29% of their power production, renewable resources generate 10%, and nuclear power generates between 1% and 2%.

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How much CO2 do SSE produce?

Scottish Southern Electric generates just over 500 kilograms of CO2 per kWh, and are currently the fourth biggest producer of CO2 in the UK. The UK average is 450 kilograms of CO2 per kWh. The largest producer of CO2 is ScottishPower, who generate over 600 kilograms of CO2 per kWh. EDF is one of SSE’s biggest competitors, and they produce less than 300 kilograms of CO2. However, EDF rely heavily on nuclear power.

How much nuclear waste do SSE produce?

SSE produces less than 0.0005 grams of nuclear waste per kWh of energy produced. They are the second lowest producer of nuclear waste out of the six largest power producers.

SSE general knowledge

SSE is a very large company that is made up of a number of different power suppliers. This enables SSE to be a full service energy provider. This means that they are able to manage the distribution, transmission, supply and production of energy.

Scottish Southern Electric are the largest suppliers of green (renewable) energy in the United Kingdom. They use wind and water to generate over 10% of their energy. They also use the widest variety of power stations in order to generate their power. Many of their power stations are based in Scotland, but they do have power stations dotted all around the UK. In March 2012, SSE bragged that their profits were up, which they attributed to their renewable energy initiatives. They claimed that their profits are able to rise organically because their green energy production does not leave them at the mercy of wholesale gas and oil prices. The company is now worth over £12.5 billion.

Around 61% of SSE’s customers are billed for electricity, and 39% are billed for gas. This is most likely due to the fact that some regions in Britain are offered very good electricity tariffs by Scottish Southern Electric.

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