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A Guide to Student Loans

There are many people out there who want an education but, because they cannot get financial aid, are unable to afford it. The government has several initiatives in place to help these students receive financial aid; student loans are a part of this. When a student or their parents do not earn enough to fully fund the course of study the student desires, they need to look into student loans as possibly the best course of action they can take. Using the aid offered by many financial groups will ease the stress of trying to study and find an affordable student plan that will suit your needs and your budget.

The loan application you fill out is first looked at by the local award authority. You will take an eligibility test for the first level of assessment. The SLC (Student Loans Company) will take on the responsibility for administration of your account once you are deemed eligible; you will be able to study anywhere you wish in the country. The interest rate of your loan is calculated daily from the start of your loan, will be added on a monthly basis to your account, and is based on inflation. You will be asked to repay the loan once you have finished school according to specific guidelines set by the lending company.

Using Your Student Loans to Take Up the Slack

You are in good company if you are going to finish college by taking out a student loan. It is possible to spend maybe $195 a month for 10 years to pay off a $16,500 loan that allowed you to finish your undergraduate studies. Since student loans require no guarantee, have interest rates that are generally below market, and do not require repayment to begin until after graduation, they are not difficult. While your loan can come from a private financial institution, the state government, or even the college itself, the federal government is the biggest source for financial aid of this type. If, during the tax year, the student is claimed as a dependent by someone else, they are not eligible to claim the deduction. If a person gets married near the end of the tax year, the only way to take the deduction is for the couple to file jointly. The Student Loan Application Process And How To Get Through It

The process that needs to be followed when you apply for a student loan can best be explained in the following steps. After you fill out the financial aid application form, which is free, you will need to decide the loan type. You will need to choose between the two types of loan offered:

Perkins Loan — by signing a Promissory Note you will be able to borrow $4,000 per year.

Stafford Loan
— the first year you will be allowed to borrow $2,625; the second year you can borrow $3,500; and in the third and fourth years you can borrow $5,500. The money is supplied either by banks or other lenders.

Student loans come in many forms, not just the Stafford and Perkins mentioned above, although they are the most utilized. While you will have to pay interest from the start of the loan, you may still be able to get a Stafford loan even if according to the Financial Aid Application form you do not qualify. This interest can be accumulated until the repayment period of the loan ends, if you prefer to do it this way.

The Student Loan Is Here To Help You Out

Because student loans enable people to pursue their dreams of getting an education and good career, they have become an invaluable aid to many. Unfortunately, there are people who will take unfair advantage of this type of financial aid. Even during the repayment period they are causing trouble. You are given guidelines by which you have to repay your student loan. The financial aid office is always there to help you with setting up a budget and giving you advice if you have trouble. But if you don’t work hard at your education you will be in debt and have little to nothing to show for it. Out of nearly 100,000 bankruptcies, most of them have been filed by recent graduates under the age of 25. If you are a student with debt who is struggling, take advantage of the programs out there that are designed to help you.

Student loans are gifts providing financial aid for those who want an education and need help to obtain it. Like any other loan you may take out over the course of your life, student loans are serious business.

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