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The Altcoin Drop (December 22nd 2017) Should We Be Worried?

The Altcoin Drop (December 22nd 2017) Should We Be Worried?

I have written about bitcoin and altcoins in the past, and I am happy to say that I massively underestimated how much bitcoin would rise. Today, on the 22nd of December 2017, we have just seen a massive drop in the price/value of bitcoin and the value of almost all the altcoins. People are panicking and there are theories flying around the Internet like bullets in scrapyard. I am thrilled about the 2017 altcoin drop.

Should You Be Worried About The 2017 Altcoin Drop?

Is the 2017 altcoin drop something to worry about? Not at all, you should be thrilled. Do what I am doing and take this time to invest even more in altcoin. Firstly, let me start by showing you how all of the altcoins I have invested in have taken a nosedive this morning. Take a look at that stats on the altcoins I have invested in. There is more red than a communist birthday party.

My Altcoin Picks In Late 2017

As you can see, it is not a good day for my altcoin investments. There are drops of up to 40%. Yet, despite the fact that the value of my altcoin investments has been slashed, please take a look at this conversation I had with somebody on ForexLive this morning.

My comments about altcoin on ForexLive

Stop panicking. Bitcoin and altcoin serves a need, which means it is not going anywhere. The only direction that bitcoin and altcoin can go at the moment is up. We are going to see drops from time to time, but that is natural. Instead of panicking, take advantage of the low prices and start buying.

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